Little Ducklings Children's Nursery

Little Ducklings Children’s Nursery, Wombwell, Barnsley

“We are committed to creating a happy, safe and caring environment whilst ensuring that all children can have fun and participate in a variety of play activities through which they will learn to share, discover new interests and abilities and work towards their early learning goals.”

Little Ducklings Day Nursery is located in Wombwell, Barnsley, and is privately owned by Michelle Murdoch. They have a clear vision that is to provide the best care possible for all children and parents.

Our website aims to provide you with information about our nursery and the opportunities your child will experience whilst enhancing their development and education.

Before your child starts nursery, we will offer you and your child the opportunity to visit us and meet our team and ask any further questions as we operate an open door policy.

“Learners today….Leaders Tomorrow”

  • Ensure that all children attending our nursery receive the highest level of care, attention and education

  • Provide a safe and stimulating environment

  • Develop a positive learning environment were individual needs are met and barriers to achievement are reduced/removed helping each child maximise their potential

  • Work within statutory social policy and legal frameworks governed by Ofsted

  • Aim to offer flexibility to parents & carers

  • Value and respect all children, parents, carers and practitioners

  • Ensure all practitioners are encouraged, supported and have access to appropriate training which underpins their job roles